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  • Target Animal Product Name Specification Indication Packing
    EpriVet-Eprinomectin Injection
    Eprinomectin Macrolide antiparasitic drugs. Used to kill bovine endoparasites and ectoparasites. Each 50ml contains Eprinomectin 0.5g.
    AltMac-Amitraz Solution 12.5%
    Amitraz Control ectoparasites diseases in cattle, sheep, pigs. 1 liter per bottle
    Odecoq-Decoquinate Premix 6%
    Decoquinate Anticoccidial drugs. It is used to prevent chicken coccidiosis caused by various coccidiosis. 100g per pack.
    Dutyl-Tylosin Tartrate and Sulfadimidine Soluble Powder
    Tylosin tartrate , sulfadimidine , active factors. For the prevention and treatment of calf respiratory tract and gastrointestinal infections. 100g/pack
    Samgi-Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium Soluble Powder 30%
    Sulfachloropyrazine Sodium (C10H8ClN4NaO2S·H2O) Anti-coccidiosis medicine. For the treatment of coccidiosis in sheep, chickens, rabbit. And Pasteurella, typhoid in poultry. 50g per pack, 10 packs per box
    EpriVet-Eprinomectin Injection 1%,5%
    Eprinomectin Broad-spectrum antiparasitic product. Can be used to dispel and kill endoparasite and ectoparasites. 50ml/bottle,40bottles/box
    Ivbencom Premix-Albendazole & Ivermectin Premix
    30g albendazole and 1.25 g ivermectin per 500g of the premix Insect repellent: Against pig nematodes, fluke, tapeworm and parasite in vivo and in vitro. 500g/bag×20bags/box
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