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    Ceftiofur Hydrochloride Injectable Suspension 5%

    Main Ingredients
    Ceftiofur Hydrochloride

    This product is a fine particle suspension, fine particles sink after standing, suspension become uniform milky white after shaking.

    Pharmacological Action
    Pharmacodynamics Ceftiofur is a cephalosporin veterinary clinical antibiotics, with the role of spectral sterilization. Has strong antibacterial activity to gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria (including β-lactamase bacteria), such as pasteurella multocida, pasteurella hemolyticus, actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc. Ceftiofur acts on transcription peptidase, blocking the synthesis of mucopeptide and result in bacterial cell wall deletion to achieve bactericidal effect.
    Pharmacokinetics This product is not absorbed by oral administration but rapidly absorbed by intramuscular injection, peak time of about 1.8 hours. This
    product is widely distributed in the body, but can’t through the blood-brain barrier. Blood and tissue drug concentration is high, the effective blood concentration maintained for a long time and slow eliminate, long half-life (T½β about 20.3 hours). In the body it can generate defuryl cefotaxime (Desfuroyl ceftiofur, DFC) which is active metabolite, further metabolized to inactive products and excreted from the urine and feces.

    Drug Interaction
    ①Take synergistic effect when combined with aminoglycosides;
    ②Can increase blood drug concentration and prolong half-life when combined with probenecid.

    For the treatment of porcine respiratory bacterial infection.

    Usage and Dosage
    Intramuscular injection with a dose 5mg per 1kg for pigs, once a day, used for 3 days. (10kg weight with the product 1ml).

    Adverse Reactions
    1.This product may cause gastrointestinal flora disturbance or double infection.
    2. Has renal toxicity.

    1. Mixed before using, not frozen. To be used within 14 days after the first use.
    2. Animal renal insufficiency should be adjusted dosage.
    3. People who are allergic to β-lactams should avoid contact with the product and avoid contact with children.

    Withdrawal Period
    Pig for 4 days

     C19H17N5S3 O7·HCl 100ml: 5g

    Package Specification

    Shading, sealed preservation.